Happy (Ruby) Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Binnie and Bill on a short hike at Tippy Dam in Wellston Michigan.

Binnie and Bill on a short hike at Tippy Dam in Wellston Michigan.

You’re never going to believe what happened last week… Bill and Binnie Chrysler actually took a break and went up north. Yes, you read that correctly. On Tuesday, Bill and Ruby Tuesday headed up to the family cabin up in the Manistee National Forest for two days of (unsuccessful) fishing on the dock and falling asleep with a book in his hand. On Thursday Bill and Ruby were joined by his wife Binnie, their daughter Sarah Jane, with a surprise one night visit from their son Dustin. There were also various members of Binnie’s side of the family including: her Aunt Susan with her dog Bella, and her sister Michelle, nephew James Henry, and their dog Echo. The group stayed in for the most part eating, playing Phase 10, kayaking, reading, hiking, and napping until Sunday afternoon.

It was legendary to say the least.

In other studio news, the past couple of days we have had the wonderfully talented Jake Allen here. He along with our own Kevin Kozel are working together and mixing things up by working in both Control Room A and Live Room B. That doesn’t sound all that exciting but it is not a regular occurrence here at Third Coast. We can’t say much but there are some pretty amazing sounds coming out of this session. We can’t wait to see where this project goes!

We also want to say a huge thank you to our wonderful intern, Katlyn Merby, for every beautiful piece she has written for our blog. This week’s spotlight goes out to someone that is incredibly important to the studio and every single person in it. We hope you enjoy.

Studio Mom Supreme: Binnie Chrysler

Binnie and husband Bill, the most in love couple ever, with their dog Ruby Tuesday. Thank you  Jenn Marie Photography  for the amazing picture!

Binnie and husband Bill, the most in love couple ever, with their dog Ruby Tuesday. Thank you Jenn Marie Photography for the amazing picture!

Meet the ultimate mother of our third coast family, Binnie Chrysler. Much like the rest of the staff at third coast, she has a hard time calling what she does at the studio work due to the team supporting each other like a family.

 “I want to make sure everybody is happy and healthy because that helps with productivity and creativity,” Binnie said.

Her official title is the studio manager. Day to day tasks include keeping things in order, anticipating the artists coming in, being a support role to the engineers, being the first face people see when they enter the studio, and protecting the engineers from any unexpected visitors.

 Another aspect of her role is making sure that artists recording at the studio feel calm and like they are surrounded by creativity. She also makes sure the engineers working with the artist have what they need to maintain energy.

“We make sure to have really good coffee here from Aldea because I want them to feel special. When they’re here for a week, I really try to make sure there’s stuff for them. I check in with them every once in awhile seeing if they need me to order food or go grab juice from Bodhi tree,” Binnie said.

 Before becoming the studio manager, she worked as a missions director at a local church. During her time there, she took roughly seven trips to Honduras. Each time, she visited the same area which happens to be where Aldea Coffee does all of their work.

 “Honduras is just part of me. I know the smell, I can see where the fields are. So to bring it here, it’s a wonderful gift to be able to support Honduras still,” Binnie said.  

 Third Coast is already working with the local music charity Walk The Beat, but Binnie wants to expand the studio’s volunteering efforts in the near future by finding out what causes the team is interested in supporting.

 Binnie and Bill met through a mutual friend of theirs while Binnie was working at the Amway Grand Plaza. Soon after that, she moved to California to work for a touring company. Since they are both west Michigan natives, the couple moved to Grand Haven to be closer to family and raise their two kids.

“I worked in the music industry before we had kids. For me, the production side is a very natural place to be. I wish I was musically inclined. I know what I like and I know what sounds good,” she said.  

Binnie is looking forward to Third Coasts involvement with the Walk The Beat event happening on the East side of Grand Haven on August 10th. She is also looking forward to the B Side Sessions that will be held at the studio starting in the fall. These sessions will help artists be more business-minded. 

Recaps & Roundtables!

Thank you Katlyn Merby for the beautiful recap of one of the coolest events we have had the privilege to be a part of!

Photo Taken from inside of the studio A control room looking into live room A at the panel of speakers on Tuesday night’s event. Thank you to Mike Young for the photo.

Photo Taken from inside of the studio A control room looking into live room A at the panel of speakers on Tuesday night’s event. Thank you to Mike Young for the photo.

On July 16 almost 200, musicians, songwriters, members of the Michigan Brewers Guild, entrepreneurs, booking and talent agents, venue owners, photographers, and journalists made the trek to Grand Haven to attend the first-ever Music Industry roundtable event.

“It was cool to see people be vulnerable with each other about where they’re at and what they’re struggling with. That vulnerability opened up a lot of conversations after the event and I was really impressed that people hung out afterward for an hour and a half after the event. People ended up taking home many new contacts,” Elle Lively of Crooked Tree Creative said.

The event began at 7 p.m. The panel, which included John Sinkevics (Local Spins), Mark Lavengood (Bear Mark Productions), Nathan Purchase (Purchase Productions), and Elle Lively took their seats at the front of studio A’s live room and attendees found their seats and occupied standing room as well.

 For the first hour, each panel member explained their area of expertise. After then, attendees had a chance to talk about their struggles, ambitions, goals, and where they are at with their career to all in attendance. Attendees were encouraged to write suggestions on the white papers that were taped to the wall which were in regards to the topics of the B side sessions to begin in the Fall.

“The event surpassed my initial expectations,” Elle said. “The amount of people in attendance and the feedback after the event has made me think that it was much needed because many people messaged us afterward saying “we were re-energized to pursue music and like we're not alone” which was the whole point of the event so I feel like it was a success just because of the amount of people who walked away feeling good.”

Attendees of the roundtable event got to enjoy beer provided by Grand Armory and other refreshments from Aldea Coffee. They could also see the renovations to the recording studio which had been completed a few short weeks ago.

The B Side Sessions will be a 12 part series geared towards current artists who are currently unsigned or don’t have management, where each session is focused on different music industry topics. Session topics will include social media and money management as a musician. These sessions will be ticketed for a very low cost because there will be 30 slots per session. They will be held one Wednesday per month, they will be either at the studio in Grand Haven or at another location in Grand Rapids. 

Happy Hectic Summer!

Happy midJuly!

We say this all the time but truly, we have so much happening and are so excited about all of it.

Studio and Control Room A are officially back and better than ever! The SSL has had a bunch of work done on it and is sounding amazing as always, and the new floor in the Control Room is gorgeous.

Bill has been working on getting ready for the next Summer Sessions Waterfront Concert that is happening on Thursday, July 18, at 7 pm. It is going to be a bunch of fun, there will be food and drinks and music! The three bands performing are Poco, Firefall, and Pure Prairie League. You can buy your tickets here. For more information about Seven Steps Up and the shows they have coming up!

Binnie has been busy overseeing the work being done in Control Room A, and keeping everyone around the studio cool and hydrated in this heat. Ruby Tuesday has been spending time at doggy daycare and running into the lake at the beach every chance she gets. Needless to say, all is wonderful in Chrysler world.

This week our spotlight from the amazing Katlin Merby is on one of the awesome teachers in our building, Carlos Seise. We have known Carlos for years and can honestly say that in addition to his talent, he is simply one of the most kind people we have the pleasure to have teach in our facility.


Spotlight: Carlos Seise

At the age of 20, Carlos Seise’s close friend, Juan Calzada, had him listen to a recording. The captivating voice of the tenor singer, Tito Schipa, is what he heard and from that moment forward, Seise knew that his calling was to pursue being a professional opera singer. 

 Calzada assisted Carlos with establishing connections in Puerto Rico and his Godfather helped him land an audition at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of music, which resulted in a full ride scholarship to the Conservatory. He has been a professional opera singer for 36 years, performed at the world-renowned Carnegie Hall, traveled to over 120 nations and out of those countries and locations, his favorite to perform at is Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently working with the federal presidential orchestra of Argentina.

Carlos was born in New York City and moved to Grand Haven because this is where his wife is from. Bill Chrysler and Carlos met since they went to the same church. One day, Carlos was singing for a special service there and Bill was doing the sound. From that day forward, they became close friends.

“We are world travelers and understood each other very well because we know the business side of our jobs and how to be the local guys in this small but beautiful community,” Carlos said.

His space at Third Coast is for practicing (which he does for between 3-4 hours every day), memorizing his music, doing office work mandatory for being his own manager, and for doing vocal coaching.  Professionals either come to Grand Haven to work with him or he works with people internationally on the computer (this is how he does a majority of his coaching). He coaches people regardless of gender or singing style.

“The technique I teach can be used for pop, Broadway, rock or whatever. But I also have people who want to specifically be opera singers so I work with everybody from pop to classical,” Carlos said.

There are multiple things he enjoys about his office at the studio. His office is near the front of the studio so he gets to see people entering. The environment at the studio is what he adores the most.

“Bill is one of the best at what he does and people say I am one of the best singers. Then you have the studio which is producing great quality recordings. The engineers and the musicians that the studio offers here are highly skilled. Bill and I have known each other for over 20 years. Just to be here with him is great because I’m here supporting my friend too and it’s a dream that’s not just a dream but a reality,” He said.

Carlos’ last four albums were recorded at Third Coast and he sang on a song with the band Tourboat Suit from Indiana. His favorite opera to perform is Tosca by G. Puiccine due to how well the drama, music, and acting are put together.

When he’s not listening to classical music he relishes in Latin American pop and Salsa from Puerto rico. Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble are two of his favorite pop singers.

In his free time, Carlos enjoys playing Golf and Beach Volleyball. In the Fall he will begin touring every weekend and performing in countries such as Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, and Puerto Rico. 

To get in touch with Carlos about lessons or any other questions click here.


Three of the four Chryslers. Bill, Binnie, and Sarah Jane.

Three of the four Chryslers. Bill, Binnie, and Sarah Jane.

Wowza. There are no words other than, wowza.

Yesterday two of the Chryslers worked for the Summer Sessions Waterfront Concert series that had its first show last night!! Bill worked on logistics and everything in between, while his daughter, Sarah Jane, worked in production (taking after Binnie like and totally rocking it). To say the least, it was a great day and we could not be more proud of the crew and every person that made the event happen. Los Lonely Boys were beyond amazing, and Tony Lucca got everyone super hyped up when they opened the show. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to be a part of it and can’t wait for show number 2!

The Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium on Monday night.

The Lynne Sherwood Waterfront Stadium on Monday night.

Our Bill worked so hard all day long but he got to have a great time during the show!

Our Bill worked so hard all day long but he got to have a great time during the show!

In other studio news, Control Room A is coming along really well and should be up and running within the next week. We have also started working on updating the entryway (it is going to look so cool oh my goodness). Everything will be done just in time for an event that we have coming up that is going to be awesome.

In addition to all that excitement our writing queen, Katlin Merby, has two things to share with you this post: the first being the low-down on the Musicians Roundtable, and a spotlight about our dear friend Michael Hampton! We hope you enjoy!

Happening soon: Musicians Roundtable

Third Coast’s, Mark Lavengood of Bearmark Productions, Nathan Purchase of Purchase Productions, John Sinkevics of Local Spins, and Elle Lively of Crooked Tree Creative will be hosting a music industry roundtable event on July 16th at 7 p.m. 

The initial 50 spots at the table for the event were sold out within 24 hours of invitations being sent out. Since that was about a month and a half before the event even occurs, standing room has been opened up as well. 

“The most valuable aspect of the event will be the opportunity to build relationships with other people in the industry in a really relaxed situation where artists will meet photographers, promoters will meet artists, and everyone will figure out how they can collaborate in some way. It will also be a chance to meet people that they may have never run into before," Lively said. 

This event is for artists, agents, managers, booking managers, photographers, videographers, venue owners, promoters, producers or anyone who is apart of the music industry in Michigan. Such a diverse group of music professionals rarely get to end up in the same room for an event like this that is set up as an open format - meet and greet situation. 

The first order of business at the event will be a welcome to the studio and an introduction of the staff. After that, Lavengood and Purchase will present, then Lively will talk about music industry sessions she will be running in the fall. Grand Armoury will be supplying a few kegs of beer for the event. 

Spotlight: Michael Hampton

Michael Hampton’s involvement with music started when he was a small child, singing and performing at the church his mother and father went to in Missouri. He began getting experience with live production at that same church, theatres, and both radio and t.v. stations.

While he was in college studying classical music, the Vietnam war began drafting young men into the military. Michael joined the navy and worked with a company called Pacific Command Electronic Intelligence where he analyzed recorded information for the military. After his time with the navy, he lived in Hawaii.

Michael moved back to Missouri to live in Saint Louis and worked for western electric. He helped build a t.v. studio for them and once that was built, did voice overs for training films and layout designs for them at their printing shop.

After then, he moved to New York to help manage and produce for a group of musicians. New York is where he met his wife. They lived in Ohio for a while and he was the tour manager for bands that toured with acts such as Kool and the Gang, Parliament Funkadellic’s, Marvin Gaye, and many more. Michael went into the investment business to spend more time with his first born child.  

Til this day, Michael is still a producer. He has been an executive producer with a guitarist from The Wrecking Crew, Louis Shelton, and produced an album for the world renowned Violinist Delana Jensen at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. At Third Coast, he has produced an unreleased album for L.A. based Ava Bowers and a project with a children’s choir from Western Michigan.

Many of the people that work in the studio are also part of the studio band. “I brought ava bowers in from LA to come in and work in the studio. After the first couple of hours she looked at me and said ‘I could tour with these guys, they are brilliant musicians and really fun to be around.’ That says a whole lot about the leadership and quality of the team that bill Chrysler has put together,” Michael said.  

He has done his own music projects as a producer at Third Coast but on the daily, hopes that he can make a contribution to the studio as a business person. Currently, he serves as a business consultant for a young man currently recording at the studio whose name is Jake Kershaw.

“The studio itself is just a wonderful place in terms of equipment and from a technology standpoint, its really world class,” Michael said.

  Michael has known Bill Chrysler for many years. The two met at a reception for Christina Aguilera. Bill asked him if he wanted to go into partnership with him on one of the mixing boards in studio A. This agreement inspired Bill to continue his musical interests in Grand Haven.  

“I honestly believe that why I’m enjoying it more at Third Coast than I was expecting is that Bill Chrysler has put together a team of people that are not only really really smart in terms of understanding the technology of recording but they’re very creative people and most important of all they are just good people and they are fun to be around,” Michael said. 

Thank Goodness it is Friday!

Hey there everyone!

We are amazed at how we have been able to stay open and running during construction. By shifting our sessions from Control Room A to Control Room B we have had sessions almost daily and mixing going on in between this all. The construction in Control Room A is going very well and we cannot wait for it to be back open and better than ever.

The Chrysler’s are doing well, Bill is recovering well after his last run with Maroon 5. He has been busy overseeing construction, helping to do maintenance on the SSL, getting ready for the Summer Sessions Waterftont Concert Series show on July 1, and spending about 5 minutes every sunny day sitting on his deck and trying to take a breath. Binnie is working hard on everything and keeping us going (mostly on getting Bill a couple of very much needed days off). Ruby Tuesday is thriving as always, she loves the summer because it means she gets to play in Lake Michigan.

We have decided not to do a spotlight on a person this week but rather on something amazing…

The Summer Sessions Waterfront Concert Series!

We could not be any more excited and thrilled that we get to be a part of this. Bringing music on this scale into Grand Haven and to the Waterfont is something that we are passionate about. The first show is this coming Monday, July 1, at 7 PM. Any way that we can help to bring both music and bring the community together is something that we want to do, and now that is becoming a reality! Tickets are available at www.sevenstepsup.com and this is not something that you want to miss. This is literally history in the making! The first concert of this size at this venue is something to get excited to be involved in! Tickets will be available day of but the ease of buying them online makes it totally worth it to get them ahead of time. Please help us make this the wonderful thing it has the potential to be.

Thank you again for everything you do to make our dreams a reality and bring music to our West Michigan.


Just Another Manic Monday

Goooood morning Grand Haven!

Here are all of the things going on around the most wonderful place on East End: Bill is home and had a great Fathers Day. He flew in and made it home around midnight and got to spend one hour of Fathers Day with both of his kids. It was pretty great. Binnie has been working hard to get us ready for all of the crazy stuff happening in Studio A over the next few weeks. Seriously, we would not get anything done around here without her. Most exciting of all, Studio Doggo Ruby Tuesday got a new toy this weekend. That is pretty much it from Bill & Binnie Chrysler world, now onto the stuff you are really wondering about.

Studio A: What in the world is going on?


Well, it is closed down for the moment. Not to worry, it is only temporary and should be back up and running within a few short weeks. To put it in the most simple terms, the control room floor is being replaced. That is about all there is to it. We at Third Coast are constantly seeking ways to make your experience the best it can be, and at the moment that means replacing the floor in Control Room A.

We have moved the SSL from the normal spot it lives in the Control Room, into live room A. It was super heavy. Thank goodness for all the big strong people we have around here. So for the next few weeks most of our mixing and recording will take place in Studio B.

We do want to say thank you to everyone for your support and patience while we are under construction. We are so grateful to be a part of this community and have kind of people around that we do. We could not do any of this without it.

Rainy Third Coast Thursday

Happy Friday eve everyone!

It has been a typical week around Third Coast. Bill is in Dubai, Binnie is in the office and Ruby Tuesday is under the table taking a nap. In short, everything is awesome.

We have had the opportunity to be a part of some truly awesome projects in studio A. On Tuesday we had the new local band Five Strand Fusion in to lay down tracks with our engineer Brian Ralph. This group of five young people has so much talent and community support behind it. We are thrilled to have been a part of their beginnings, and can’t wait to see where they are able to go from here.

Next, on Wednesday we had the new project, Dobros Heal The World, rehearsing and recording with our engineer Joe Hettinga. Getting to record people that are seeking to put out good vibes and good juju is what we are all about here. So projects like these always put smiles on our faces.

Lastly, our spotlight of the week goes to the one and only Joe Hettinga. We want to say a special thank you to Katlin Merby for these amazing write ups about our team and our town.

We appreciate everything this community does that enables us to be the wonderful place that we are. Enjoy!

Joe Hettinga Spotlight -

Joe Hettinga has enjoyed being able to see his career and passions intertwine. He has achieved numerous accomplishments in the music industry.


“My greatest accomplishment is being able to make a living doing what I love.  That I can actually work and call it work but it doesn’t always feel like work because it’s so much fun. I’m so inspired by what I do that it keeps me in a good place,” Joe said.

The Chicago jam scene, Grateful Dead, Phish, jazz and classical are a few influences that have molded his music taste and where he’s at in his career.  

“I feel like all the work that I have done over the years has led me to where I am now and it’s going to continue to go that way. I’m going to keep pursuing and doing new things as well as expanding on what I know,” Joe said.

He generally sings and plays keyboards when touring but would love to branch out to playing guitar as well. A few bands he has toured with have been particularly enjoyable to play with.  In high school, his endeavors with Strange Arrangement began. After college, the band got back together, ended up recording two records, and then touring for five years.

“Strange Arrangement was an absolute blast and it was a way of bringing all my musical skills together and I got to showcase and do everything I like in one band,” Joe said.

Another band that has been one of his favorites to tour with was Digital Tape Machine because he got the chance to combine production work and electronic music in a live setting.   

His favorite musical endeavor, at the moment, has been touring and working with May Erlewine. From October through November this year, he will be playing on her tour in support of her new album and is looking forward to the east coast and southern tour dates.

“It’s just a complete change of pace for me with playing folk songs. It’s truly just beautiful music,” Joe said.

He will be touring with another band that May is apart of, The Motivations. It is an 11 piece jazz band with horns, 5 singers, 2 guitars, 2 keyboards, bass drums, and May. The band primarily plays soul songs written by May, and Motown hits, with a sprinkle of Prince and Talking Heads covers.

Joe recently played with the Pop Scholars in Grand Rapids at the Wealthy Theatre. They are a four piece improv comedy group that make up songs on the fly based on what is happening in the skit.

Throughout this month, Joe will be playing shows with Marcus Rezak supporting the release of his ‘Gateway to the Galaxy’ record. ‘Gateway to the Galaxy’ is one of the most recent projects that has quickly taken a spot on the top of his list of favorite projects to be involved with.

A few of his other favorite projects he has worked on while at Third Coast are Max Lockwood’s recently released, self-titled record and one of the first full-length records completed when he first began working at the studio, ‘StopWatchTimeDrop’ by The Turnips. 

Weekend, Working, and Waterfront!

Surprise! A special weekend blog post!

Hi everyone! We have such an abundance of exciting things happening that we couldn’t wait any longer to tell you all of it. In short there are three super cool things we have to tell you: One is about this weekend, one is about working and networking, and the third is about the Waterfront!

Thank you for everything you do to make our Third Coast Community the wonderful thing is is! Hope you enjoy! - Third Coast Team


Part 1: Weekend - Bill Chrysler

Hello from Wembley Stadium in London!

Today I’m with Maroon 5 playing the Capital FM Summertime Ball in the bright and sunny city of London, England. The lineup for this event is pretty cool to say the least. In addition to seeing M5 the audience will get to see Mark Ronson, Jonas Brothers, Khalid, Ellie Goulding, Halsey, and others.

This leg of the tour has been beyond hectic but pretty amazing as well. After this show we are heading Amsterdam and then a few other places before I get to go to to my favorite place in the world: Grand Haven, Michigan.

I do have to say though… Doing a show at THE Wembley stadium is pretty cool. In this picture with me just a small section of the audience is shown. There are actually about 100,000 people in the audience. Wow.

I’m off to do a show now, wishing everyone a good weekend. - Bill


Part 2: Working/Networking -Scott Pellegrom

What. A. Week.

For those of you that do not know, Third Coast Recording Company is where I base out of. Here I am able to teach lessons, record my own music in the amazing studios, and work with some of my best friends in the world. But last week I was able to tour the country and go to a number of different studios as part of Dream Cymbal’s event called The Dream Hang W/ Scott Pellegrom.

Basically the events are one night at a studio where there is food, friends, and local micro brews. It is a time where drummers and their friends can come hang out and learn more about some of the super awesome stuff going on in the drumming world. Additionally it is about company-distributor-dealer-studios coming together to connect.

Everything was amazing, and I am so excited about bringing some of what I learned back to Third Coast. - Scott Pellegrom

Part 3: Waterfront - Third Coast Team

This week you may have heard about the Summer Sessions Waterfront Concert Series. Seriously this is about to be the coolest thing ever right in the coolest town ever. This summer there will be two shows in the month of July at Waterfront Stadium that are being organized by the owners of the local venue Seven Steps Up, Michelle Hanks and Gary Hanks-Carpenter, with help from US! Third Coast Recording Company!

The series this summer will consist of two shows in July. The first one will be on July 1 and the Grammy Award Winning band, Los Lonely Boys, will be performing! The second show will be on July 18 and three amazing bands: Pure Prairie League, Poco, and Firefall will be performing!

We could not be more excited or honored to be a part of this event. For more information check out this amazing article from Local Spins or to buy tickets just go to www.sevenstepsup.com.

Busy Busy Busy!

What a week it has been! Bill is off with Maroon 5 at the moment. Today he is in Prague and will be continuing around Europe until the middle of this month. Binnie our favorite studio mom, is keeping everything running around here. Ruby Tuesday, Studio pupper supreme is enjoying the attention she gets from all of the new bands that are coming in to record here. In short, the Chryslers are thriving and so is the studio.

This week Katlin Merby’s spotlight goes to the wonderful and amazing Kevin Kozel.

Thanks for everything you do to make Third Coast Recording the wonderful place it is. Enjoy!

Grand Haven native continues to develop his talents in his hometown and on the road; Kevin Kozel

Kevin Kozel’s adventures with the Third Coast team began 10 years ago when he met Bill Chrysler, as well as the rest of the team who founded the studio, and began doing session work with them. At this time, he also began playing guitar with Scott Pellegrom. He began perfecting his sound engineering techniques on his own music and has been refining these techniques every day that he enters Third Coast’s doors.

“When I go to work, it doesn’t even feel like work,” Kozel said. “Bill and everyone’s personalities at the studio make it easy to work there.”

Kevin has been in multiple bands and currently gets stages rockin’ and groovin’ with the Scott Pelegrom Trio, which is his favorite group he has toured with. The first band he toured with was a high school rock band of the crazy variety.

In that high school rock band, their primary goal was to drum up some cash. When the SP3 take to the stage, it’s standard that the trio will get a little wild on stage. Kozel believes they have the most fun performing at festivals.

“There was a festival we played in the U.P. last year called Forestville. We were the headliners, and it was kinda a boring festival but then we got on stage and the whole place was packed,” he said. While performing, he ended up blowing out/ perforating his eardrums. This results in being plagued with hearing muffled sounds for a few weeks and the inability to blast your music until they are healed.

When it comes down to touring or studio playing, he prefers spending a majority of his time at the studio. “Touring is fun but I prefer being home. You end up traveling for 10 hours and playing for 3,” Kozel said.  

He was gifted a guitar from his dad in his early childhood. While recovering from an almost deadly injury as a young teenager, Kevin was subject to bed rest and recovery for a year. During this time, he honed his skills for the guitar and listened intently to his musical influences. These include, but are not limited to, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Morello.

In addition to Guitar, Kozel also plays, Bass, Ukulele, teaches numerous pupils per week, takes voice lessons, as well as, engineers and produces at the studio. He has been full time self employed since the age of 20. When not at the studio, he enjoys hiking with friends, mushroom hunting, and cooking.

Sunshine, Spotlight, and lots of changes!

Wow. What a month it has been.

Since our last post we have welcomed a new social media intern to the team, held an album release party for Earth Radio, a new ice cream store opened up next door to us, and we’ve worked on numerous other projects so that we can continue to bring the music you are dreaming of, to life.

We want to make this blog a space to connect with YOU! Our goal is that we will be able to keep you up to date on the ins and outs of what is going on here, bounce some ideas and thoughts off of you, and show off what is on on our minds, and most importantly foster community. Thank you for helping to make our dreams a reality!

Additionally, since it feels like everyone is just starting to come out of winter hibernation, we thought that now is the perfect time to spotlight some of the amazingly talented humans that make Third Coast what it is: A place that inspires growth, creativity, and community through music. So with that, over the next few weeks our own Katlin Merby, is going to be spotlighting a few of them. First up is Andy Frisinger.

Andy Frisinger: Art with heart on display

Andy Frisinger is new to having his art on display and is excited to have his pieces at the downtown Grand Haven brewery, The Armory.

“I didn’t grow up doing art, I just kind of got into it” Andy said.

While at Grand Valley completing a Biomedical degree, Andy Frisinger decided to take a watercolor painting class at Kalamazoo community college over the Summer. Since then he has found painting to be a stress reliever and continues to do it today.

Andy is primarily a musician and is most prominently known for his saxophone playing skills. He began playing the sax in grade school and has been playing with the staff at Third Coast for about 8 years. They generally play at weddings together.

“There is a connection between all art. There’s definitely a connection between the artists I like and my subject material for my paintings,” Andy said.

A few of his favorite musicians that he has created paintings of include Prince, Stevie Wonder, Foo Fighters, and members of the Beatles. When it comes to painting these musical influences, his goal is to recreate the picture he is using as reference to the best of his ability.

The only type of paint Andy uses in his pictures is watercolor because that is the only type of paint that was used in his class in college. With the exception of the paintings that are of Prince, which are purple, the color he primarily uses is indigo.

His pieces that are on display do not have a theme. A combination of new and older pieces of his are available to purchase. When a piece is purchased, he paints a new one.

A piece that Andy is particularly proud of is his rendition of Dexter Gordon. Be sure to view it if you can. His art will be on display at the armory until June 12th.

Introducing the New Third Coast Recording Co. Spotify Playlist: Third Coast Thursday


We are very excited to announce the beginning of our new weekly playlist, Third Coast Thursday!

Third Coast Thursday our latest way of connecting others with our favorite music and artists. The playlist is loaded with songs recorded in our studios, as well as other songs we would love to share with our friends. We want you to start your weekend off right with some good music and good vibes.

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Bringing a World of Knowledge to Grand Haven: Bill Chrysler

If the sheer number of concerts that Bill has mixed doesn’t give you confidence in how deep his passion

for sound and experimentation runs, then the fact that he opened a recording studio after about

four decades of touring should solidify your certainty.

“Music is not just a passion, it is my calling.” Bill described.

“Music is not just a passion, it is my calling.” Bill described.

Opening a studio after being on the road touring was a natural way for him to continue being involved in the music industry. Third Coast Recording Company keeps Bill surrounded by amazing musicians, without the travel.

He aims to make the recording process as painless as possible and recommends that bands come

prepared on the day that they record. Even though he has aimed to make the recording studio as

comfortable and homey as possible, it is not a place to practice. Bill and the rest of the Third Coast Crew

spend most of their leisure time at the studio making music, experimenting with microphone and instrumental techniques before clients come in.

When it comes to touring, Bill has four decades of doing live sound enforcement/ mixing under his belt.

“This gives me a creative input, when you get to mix the sound and create what gets heard,” Bill said. He

doesn’t enjoy being in front of an audience, but instead mixing behind the scenes.

In his earlier years in the industry, Bill was grandfathered into a lot of well-established companies and

through that, has become a “go to” person for live sound. He has worked with roughly 100 touring

groups or artists and has mixed over 10,000 larger scale events.

When it comes to sound engineering tours, he prefers shows at a standard 10-15 thousand seat arena so

that he can get into a rhythm with which gear to use and the placement of it all.

The tour that Bill recently returned from, the Asia and Australia leg of Maroon 5’s “Red Pill Blues” tour,

held their concerts at stadiums that housed 40-50 thousand people. He had been on the road with

Maroon 5 exclusively for the past three or four years.

Bill recently got back with touring with Maroon 5 for three weeks in Asia and Australia. He has been touring almost exclusively with them for the past 3-4 years.

Bill recently got back with touring with Maroon 5 for three weeks in Asia and Australia. He has been touring almost exclusively with them for the past 3-4 years.

One of Bill’s all-time favorite artists to tour with is John Mayer, who he had been touring with for about

12 years. Even though he likes to do stadium shows which are predictable, John Mayer’s shows are

consistently an enjoyable challenge.

“Every time he plays a song, he plays it different. He will call out for other people in the band to do a

lead. As the sound guy, it is very interesting to mix these songs differently every day.”

After years of taking on massive tours, Bill is excited to be in a new chapter of making music at Third Coast. “I like doing what I do and I get to experiment a lot. In a recording studio, we can always stop and go

back. We take advantage of that when clients come in that we’ve already experimented with. We do

this as part of our leisure time and make music for fun.”

When he’s not in the studio making music, he enjoys long walks on the beach with Binnie and their puppy Ruby Tuesday.

Ruby Tuesday, Bill and Binnie’s beautiful fur baby.

Ruby Tuesday, Bill and Binnie’s beautiful fur baby.

Friends, Family and coffee; Aldea coffee opening a new location in Muskegon

Aldea Coffee’s new location in Muskegon.

Aldea Coffee’s new location in Muskegon.

Aldea Coffee is a company who prides themselves on putting people and the community first. They are currently aiming to spread this message by opening a new location in Muskegon.

Brittany Goode began working with Aldea in 2015. She was attracted to the company based on how they began and their ethical practices.

“Being able to walk into a company and know that the values of the company line up with my personal values, and I get to help them start out, was pretty amazing.” Goode said.

Goode visiting Honduras, where Aldea Coffee began in 2009.

Goode visiting Honduras, where Aldea Coffee began in 2009.

Aldea began as a nonprofit in Honduras beginning in 2009. They work with farmers of corn, beans and coffee. These farmers are paid 50 to 100% above the fair-trade rate. Today, Aldea purchases green coffee directly from farmers they work with and administer training programs for farmers.

The company has grown through word of mouth, collaborations with other businesses in Grand Haven and the community. With the goal of holding on to the engagement with current customers, Aldea has started a campaign to raise funds for the new location downtown Muskegon.

“It’s amazing to see the donations coming in. We’ve also had people volunteering their time to help us get moved to our new production facility and offering to help with the new space open,” Goode said.

The location in Grand Haven shares a building with Grand Armory Brewing Company, while the  coffee is roasted at a location in Muskegon Heights. The location of the new cafe in Muskegon will have a space all its own. Contributions to the campaign will go towards building out the new space such as lighting, furniture, plumbing and equipment. The Muskegon location will be ideal for a quiet place to study and Aldea plans on serving baked items here in the future.

Aldea and Third Coast have been working together for some time now. Brittany’s personal involvement with the recording studio began when she served Aldea coffee at an event last summer. Binnie and Brittany’s initial relationship began as a result of their love for the people of Honduras. Brittany has noticed that the values of the companies line up very well.

Enjoying Aldea Coffee in the studio is an everyday thing for the Third Coast family!

Enjoying Aldea Coffee in the studio is an everyday thing for the Third Coast family!

“Once you start to collaborate with other businesses, everybody starts to feel like family,” Goode said.

Donate to help open their new location and learn more about the company at the link below: