Happy (Ruby) Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Binnie and Bill on a short hike at Tippy Dam in Wellston Michigan.

Binnie and Bill on a short hike at Tippy Dam in Wellston Michigan.

You’re never going to believe what happened last week… Bill and Binnie Chrysler actually took a break and went up north. Yes, you read that correctly. On Tuesday, Bill and Ruby Tuesday headed up to the family cabin up in the Manistee National Forest for two days of (unsuccessful) fishing on the dock and falling asleep with a book in his hand. On Thursday Bill and Ruby were joined by his wife Binnie, their daughter Sarah Jane, with a surprise one night visit from their son Dustin. There were also various members of Binnie’s side of the family including: her Aunt Susan with her dog Bella, and her sister Michelle, nephew James Henry, and their dog Echo. The group stayed in for the most part eating, playing Phase 10, kayaking, reading, hiking, and napping until Sunday afternoon.

It was legendary to say the least.

In other studio news, the past couple of days we have had the wonderfully talented Jake Allen here. He along with our own Kevin Kozel are working together and mixing things up by working in both Control Room A and Live Room B. That doesn’t sound all that exciting but it is not a regular occurrence here at Third Coast. We can’t say much but there are some pretty amazing sounds coming out of this session. We can’t wait to see where this project goes!

We also want to say a huge thank you to our wonderful intern, Katlyn Merby, for every beautiful piece she has written for our blog. This week’s spotlight goes out to someone that is incredibly important to the studio and every single person in it. We hope you enjoy.

Studio Mom Supreme: Binnie Chrysler

Binnie and husband Bill, the most in love couple ever, with their dog Ruby Tuesday. Thank you  Jenn Marie Photography  for the amazing picture!

Binnie and husband Bill, the most in love couple ever, with their dog Ruby Tuesday. Thank you Jenn Marie Photography for the amazing picture!

Meet the ultimate mother of our third coast family, Binnie Chrysler. Much like the rest of the staff at third coast, she has a hard time calling what she does at the studio work due to the team supporting each other like a family.

 “I want to make sure everybody is happy and healthy because that helps with productivity and creativity,” Binnie said.

Her official title is the studio manager. Day to day tasks include keeping things in order, anticipating the artists coming in, being a support role to the engineers, being the first face people see when they enter the studio, and protecting the engineers from any unexpected visitors.

 Another aspect of her role is making sure that artists recording at the studio feel calm and like they are surrounded by creativity. She also makes sure the engineers working with the artist have what they need to maintain energy.

“We make sure to have really good coffee here from Aldea because I want them to feel special. When they’re here for a week, I really try to make sure there’s stuff for them. I check in with them every once in awhile seeing if they need me to order food or go grab juice from Bodhi tree,” Binnie said.

 Before becoming the studio manager, she worked as a missions director at a local church. During her time there, she took roughly seven trips to Honduras. Each time, she visited the same area which happens to be where Aldea Coffee does all of their work.

 “Honduras is just part of me. I know the smell, I can see where the fields are. So to bring it here, it’s a wonderful gift to be able to support Honduras still,” Binnie said.  

 Third Coast is already working with the local music charity Walk The Beat, but Binnie wants to expand the studio’s volunteering efforts in the near future by finding out what causes the team is interested in supporting.

 Binnie and Bill met through a mutual friend of theirs while Binnie was working at the Amway Grand Plaza. Soon after that, she moved to California to work for a touring company. Since they are both west Michigan natives, the couple moved to Grand Haven to be closer to family and raise their two kids.

“I worked in the music industry before we had kids. For me, the production side is a very natural place to be. I wish I was musically inclined. I know what I like and I know what sounds good,” she said.  

Binnie is looking forward to Third Coasts involvement with the Walk The Beat event happening on the East side of Grand Haven on August 10th. She is also looking forward to the B Side Sessions that will be held at the studio starting in the fall. These sessions will help artists be more business-minded.