Happy Hectic Summer!

Happy midJuly!

We say this all the time but truly, we have so much happening and are so excited about all of it.

Studio and Control Room A are officially back and better than ever! The SSL has had a bunch of work done on it and is sounding amazing as always, and the new floor in the Control Room is gorgeous.

Bill has been working on getting ready for the next Summer Sessions Waterfront Concert that is happening on Thursday, July 18, at 7 pm. It is going to be a bunch of fun, there will be food and drinks and music! The three bands performing are Poco, Firefall, and Pure Prairie League. You can buy your tickets here. For more information about Seven Steps Up and the shows they have coming up!

Binnie has been busy overseeing the work being done in Control Room A, and keeping everyone around the studio cool and hydrated in this heat. Ruby Tuesday has been spending time at doggy daycare and running into the lake at the beach every chance she gets. Needless to say, all is wonderful in Chrysler world.

This week our spotlight from the amazing Katlin Merby is on one of the awesome teachers in our building, Carlos Seise. We have known Carlos for years and can honestly say that in addition to his talent, he is simply one of the most kind people we have the pleasure to have teach in our facility.


Spotlight: Carlos Seise

At the age of 20, Carlos Seise’s close friend, Juan Calzada, had him listen to a recording. The captivating voice of the tenor singer, Tito Schipa, is what he heard and from that moment forward, Seise knew that his calling was to pursue being a professional opera singer. 

 Calzada assisted Carlos with establishing connections in Puerto Rico and his Godfather helped him land an audition at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of music, which resulted in a full ride scholarship to the Conservatory. He has been a professional opera singer for 36 years, performed at the world-renowned Carnegie Hall, traveled to over 120 nations and out of those countries and locations, his favorite to perform at is Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently working with the federal presidential orchestra of Argentina.

Carlos was born in New York City and moved to Grand Haven because this is where his wife is from. Bill Chrysler and Carlos met since they went to the same church. One day, Carlos was singing for a special service there and Bill was doing the sound. From that day forward, they became close friends.

“We are world travelers and understood each other very well because we know the business side of our jobs and how to be the local guys in this small but beautiful community,” Carlos said.

His space at Third Coast is for practicing (which he does for between 3-4 hours every day), memorizing his music, doing office work mandatory for being his own manager, and for doing vocal coaching.  Professionals either come to Grand Haven to work with him or he works with people internationally on the computer (this is how he does a majority of his coaching). He coaches people regardless of gender or singing style.

“The technique I teach can be used for pop, Broadway, rock or whatever. But I also have people who want to specifically be opera singers so I work with everybody from pop to classical,” Carlos said.

There are multiple things he enjoys about his office at the studio. His office is near the front of the studio so he gets to see people entering. The environment at the studio is what he adores the most.

“Bill is one of the best at what he does and people say I am one of the best singers. Then you have the studio which is producing great quality recordings. The engineers and the musicians that the studio offers here are highly skilled. Bill and I have known each other for over 20 years. Just to be here with him is great because I’m here supporting my friend too and it’s a dream that’s not just a dream but a reality,” He said.

Carlos’ last four albums were recorded at Third Coast and he sang on a song with the band Tourboat Suit from Indiana. His favorite opera to perform is Tosca by G. Puiccine due to how well the drama, music, and acting are put together.

When he’s not listening to classical music he relishes in Latin American pop and Salsa from Puerto rico. Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble are two of his favorite pop singers.

In his free time, Carlos enjoys playing Golf and Beach Volleyball. In the Fall he will begin touring every weekend and performing in countries such as Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, and Puerto Rico. 

To get in touch with Carlos about lessons or any other questions click here.

Thank Goodness it is Friday!

Hey there everyone!

We are amazed at how we have been able to stay open and running during construction. By shifting our sessions from Control Room A to Control Room B we have had sessions almost daily and mixing going on in between this all. The construction in Control Room A is going very well and we cannot wait for it to be back open and better than ever.

The Chrysler’s are doing well, Bill is recovering well after his last run with Maroon 5. He has been busy overseeing construction, helping to do maintenance on the SSL, getting ready for the Summer Sessions Waterftont Concert Series show on July 1, and spending about 5 minutes every sunny day sitting on his deck and trying to take a breath. Binnie is working hard on everything and keeping us going (mostly on getting Bill a couple of very much needed days off). Ruby Tuesday is thriving as always, she loves the summer because it means she gets to play in Lake Michigan.

We have decided not to do a spotlight on a person this week but rather on something amazing…

The Summer Sessions Waterfront Concert Series!

We could not be any more excited and thrilled that we get to be a part of this. Bringing music on this scale into Grand Haven and to the Waterfont is something that we are passionate about. The first show is this coming Monday, July 1, at 7 PM. Any way that we can help to bring both music and bring the community together is something that we want to do, and now that is becoming a reality! Tickets are available at www.sevenstepsup.com and this is not something that you want to miss. This is literally history in the making! The first concert of this size at this venue is something to get excited to be involved in! Tickets will be available day of but the ease of buying them online makes it totally worth it to get them ahead of time. Please help us make this the wonderful thing it has the potential to be.

Thank you again for everything you do to make our dreams a reality and bring music to our West Michigan.